Optimizing internal workflows is crucial for maximizing efficiency and ensuring smooth operations. Novo Nordisk, a global leader in diabetes care, recognized this need and embarked on a project during my time at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology to develop a Global Development Outsourcing Management System (GDOM).

This article explores the key features and benefits of this prototype, highlighting its potential to transform the way Novo Nordisk manages outsourcing. Want to try it out? You’ll find a link in the bottom of the post.

A 5-day design sprint
Google Ventures

I leveraged the innovative methodology from Google Ventures (GV), a famous framework called The Design Sprint, to establish the prototype in roughly 60 hours.

Personal dashboard
Tailored employee experience

The prototype features a customizable dashboard, allowing employees to tailor their workspace to their preferences and work requirements. With the ability to create up to three dashboards, employees have a sense of ownership and empowerment.

Daily tasks
Structure your workload

Efficient task management is crucial. The prototype provides a clear overview of daily tasks and assignments, allowing for easy rearrangement through simple drag-and-drop. Tasks are color-labeled for quick identification and prioritization.

GDOM overview
A centralized hub

At the heart of the prototype lies the GDOM overview, a centralized hub that provides a holistic overview of each supplier and their associated trials. This feature empowers Novo Nordisk’s teams by offering them a single source of truth, allowing them to access vital information and monitor progress at a glance.

By consolidating crucial data such as trial quantities, time to complete a trial, and average trial costs, the GDOM facilitates informed decision-making and promotes transparency in outsourcing management.

Easily access details

Services provides information, including quantities, completion timeframes, and average costs per trial. This central repository ensures employees have essential information at their fingertips for effective supplier relationships.

Relationship building

A comprehensive supplier management module helps in building and maintaining strong relationships. Employees can view each supplier’s overall rating, enabling data-driven decisions. The intuitive graph displays recent ratings, with the gray line representing the average rating of all suppliers.

In-depth reviews
Trustpilot on steroids

Employees can access in-depth reviews, offering a detailed analysis of each supplier’s performance. Made for team members to share insights and collaborate.

Go ahead, try it out
Just follow the Novo bot

The prototype was designed using Adobe XD and is best experienced on desktop view. Go ahead, try it out – just follow the Novo Bot.

Open prototype

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