First step towards a digital presence

Presenting Coffice, a mobile coffee shop with a mission to boost the employee experience and create a happier work environment in Copenhagen. Initiating their first step towards digital presence to reach more customers through a new website, with a strong focus on minimalism.

Food & Beverages

Design Lead


Logo: Kasper Lindved Jensen

The concept
Sip, click, connect

The vision materialized in the form of an intuitive website, a mirror to Coffice’s mission of enhancing the work atmosphere. Enveloped in a minimalist design, the website exudes the essence of coffee through its warm hues. This digital realm serves as Coffice’s inaugural stride into the online sphere, a pivotal leap toward a more impactful brand presence.

The creation
Crafting the digital brew

Following conceptual alignment and responsive feedback, the process continued into meticulous web design and development. Employing easy to use frameworks and an open-source CMS, we ensured the website’s responsiveness and user-friendliness, facilitating seamless interaction.

The result
Brewing success, one click at a time

The digital curtain rose to unveil Coffice’s launch, resonating with applause from stakeholders and patrons alike. A symphony of positive feedback, propelling Coffice closer to their unwavering vision: creating a happier work environment throughout Copenhagen.

A sip of wisdom

“Coffee is more than just about the taste, when done right it becomes an experience. That’s why in that perfect moment I’m more than just a barista, I’m your friend.”

Elias, Owner, Coffice


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Oliver Bjerrehuus

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