Rebranding an award-winning PR agency

Introducing CommunityContent (CC) – an award winning PR and communication agency. Honored with the KOM-19 Campaign of the Year, Rambuk Nent-Prize, and Rambuk Grandprix Award in 2019, they embarked on a rebranding journey. The goal? To inspire change through storytelling. Our aim? To capture the very essence of CC, propelling them into the digital realm as pioneers of visionary narratives.

Disclaimer: Parts of the project was created during my time at CommunityContent.

PR & Media

Design Lead

Research & Insights
Visual Identity

Showreel: CommunityContent
Copywriting: CommunityContent

The concept
A canvas of transformation

Guided by purpose, we embarked on a creative exploration – a digital space mirroring CC’s vision and expertise. Drawing from their unwavering passion and forward focus, we immersed ourselves in industry currents and audience aspirations.

This exploration unveiled a fresh visual identity, personified by a sleek logo with a subtle speech bubble – a symbol of community and connections. A dynamic color palette, crowned with a vibrant green, echoeing their commitment to sustainability.

The creation
From vision to digital symphony

Aligned with CC’s goals and brand vision, we updated the logo and embraced a vivid palette, each hue resonating with their essence. Meticulous wireframe planning sculpted website flow, ensuring seamless user navigation. Iterative user testing optimized the design, enhancing the user experience.

The result
Digital elegance, industry eminence

Behold a modern marvel – a website that captivates and fuels curiosity. A symphony of visuals, typography, and brand tones – each element composes their brand narrative. Applause from stakeholders solidifies CC as an industry leader.

Guided by strategy and user focus, we’ve crafted a rebranding masterpiece, etching their market presence as thought pioneers. Growth awaits as CC welcome a future of digital elegance.

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