Oliver Bjerrehuus

Creating a narrative of emotions

Oliver Bjerrehuus, a Danish model, top influencer, and TV personality, embarked on a personal podcast journey as the co-host of Season 2 of the successful podcast ‘Mandeklubben’ (The Man Club). The challenge was to visually capture Oliver Bjerrehuus’s as the podcast co-host while embodying the core values of the show.

PR & Media

Art Director

Concept Development
Art Direction

Photagrapher: Pia Tromborg
Guest apperance: DR

The concept
Weaving emotions into imagery

Our creative pursuit was centered around emotions. We crafted a visual narrative that seamlessly intertwined Oliver’s vibrant persona, a living embodiment of the podcast’s ethos.

This visual voyage resonated with themes of curiosity, frustration, authenticity, and playfulness — represented with Oliver as its heart.

The creation
A safe haven for authenticity

At the epicenter of creation, we curated a space where Oliver could be unguarded and authentic. This environment became a canvas for capturing unfiltered emotions, like fragments of truth. The fusion of our creative direction and Oliver’s essence harmonized effortlessly, reflecting the podcast’s soul.

The result
A visual ode to identity and connection

The collaboration with Oliver resulted in a captivating series of portraits, each frame encapsulating his vibrant spirit intertwined with the show’s core values.

These evocative portrayals, rooted in authenticity, animated curiosity, mirrored frustration, radiated authenticity, and exuded playfulness.

It provided the stage to forge a profound connection with the audience, laying the groundwork for their marketing efforts.


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