Mascha Vang

Elevating a personal beauty brand

Introducing Mascha Vang, a Danish influencer, entrepreneur, and TV personality. Even the brightest stars seek a touch of brilliance. Our challenge? Enhancing her personal beauty brand as she prepares to unveil her beauty series in Matas. The goal? To infuse authenticity into a logo that captures Mascha Vang’s essence and to conjure two unique visual product universes to inspire the final packaging design.

Beauty & Personal Care

Digital Designer

Product Packaging

Project Owner: JullChill (PA firm)

The concept
Redefining elegance

Our creative journey unfolded with a dual narrative. First, we sculpted a logo that encapsulates Mascha Vang’s very essence. Second, we crafted two visual product universes, each resonating with her brand’s hues and distinct facets of her identity.

The logo
A fusion of feminine flourish

The logo is a delicate dance between Mascha Vang’s initials “M” and “V”, an artistic fusion through a fine line layout that elegantly embraces her femininity.

The creation
Designing destiny

Our quest to refine Mascha Vang’s beauty brand embarked with a deep immersion into her world. Birthing logo sketches of boundless potential.

From here, we nurtured more detailed designs, refining typography and layout. An iterative process shaped the emblem, where “M” and “V” converged in graceful unity, revealing the heart of her brand.

Simultaneously, a duo of visual product universes emerged, each capturing a unique facet of her persona, interwoven with her signature color palette.

The culmination
A cohesive brand symphony

With our visual assets curated, they were entrusted to the packaging agency as inspiration for the finalized design. A harmonious symphony of design elements unfolded, elevating Mascha Vang’s beauty brand into a potent force for her upcoming product launch in Matas — setting the stage for success.

The result
Aesthetic triumph

Our collaboration brought forth an elevated beauty brand, made to shine brightly. The logo echoed Mascha Vang’s spirit, while the visual universes refracted her multi-dimensional identity. A harmonious narrative unfolded, breathing life into Mascha Vang’s product series — a luminous emblem of beauty.


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