Group Caliber

Where playful meets corporate

Meet Group Caliber, a visionary Danish SaaS company. Their claim to fame? Being the world’s only real-time corporate reputation management platform. A true game-changer. They where seeking a harmonious visual identity revamp. The mission: to create a corporate persona that’s audacious yet balanced, a visual symphony resonating with their brand messaging.

Reputation Management

Design Lead

Visual Identity
Brand Kit

Management: Group Caliber

The concept
Where playful meets corporate

The aim was to craft a bold and modern identity that conveys trustworthiness through actionable brand colors, timeless typography, and corporate imagery, complemented by playful visual assets.

Our creative challenge? Balancing modern flair with corporate grandeur. We translated insights into design decisions, infusing trustworthiness into visual elements. The pièce de résistance? A playful accent adding that splash of refinement.

The creation
Shaping identity

Navigating a delicate dance, we discussed initial visual concepts. Our mission? To distill Group Caliber’s essence into a visual identity that pulsated with corporate modernity.

Feedback shaped the journey, resulting in new visual elements and an unwavering commitment to consistency. The brand kit? A vessel carrying logo, colors, and guidelines. It became the guardian of a unified brand experience.

The result
A unified presence

Group Caliber now dons a visual identity that speaks their messaging and values fluently. Their harmonious brand identity unifies diverse elements into an expressive whole.

As the curtain falls on this transformative tale, Group Caliber rises in the digital arena. With a confident stride, they showcase a potent blend of trust and innovation. Their visual language—reflecting the heart of their reputation management services—engages, resonates, and captivates.


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