Dynamic landing page for A/B testing

LastObject is a Danish sustainable company founded in 2018, dedicated to producing eco-friendly alternatives to disposable items like cotton swabs and tissues. Their mission is to reduce waste and inspire people to adopt environmentally-conscious practices.

The challenge at hand was to create an impactful product landing page for their latest flagship product, targeted specifically at the Danish market. The goal was a product landing page for A/B testing purposes to gain traction through effective marketing efforts.


Design Lead

Web Design

Market Strategy: LastObject

The concept
Tailored for Danish impact

The core idea revolved around creating a dynamic and adaptable product landing page to target the Danish market effectively. Involving implementing a drag-and-drop design system, empowering LastObject to effortlessly create and test various landing page iterations and ongoing A/B testing.

The creation
Crafting with precision

The process commenced with an in-depth project brief and aligning responsibilities. Once everyone was onboard and the nessecary insights was gained.

Armed with this knowledge, we proceeded to the design phase, ensuring client collaboration at every step. After meticulous reviews, a handed over took place of a complete web design of the product landing page and its supporting content.

The details
Elements with purpose

The design was meticulously crafted to reflect LastObject’s sustainability vision, with visual elements carefully curated to emphasize waste reduction.

User experience was a central focus, prioritizing seamless navigation while effectively communicating the product’s unique selling points and benefits.

The design’s adaptability extended beyond aesthetics – a drag-and-drop system was implemented, made to facilitate rapid redesigns and swift development.

The result
Made for optimization

The concept-driven approach successfully led to the creation of a dynamic product landing page tailored for the Danish audience. Utilizing a drag-and-drop design system allowes LastObject and its internal team to conduct efficient A/B testing in a fast invironment.

LastObject is well-positioned to promote sustainability and reduce waste, inspiring widespread adoption of its eco-friendly products in Denmark. This process-driven strategy provides a solid foundation for continued growth and success in its targeted market, reaffirming LastObject’s commitment to a greener future.

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