Near Nordic

The future generation of Web3

Near Nordic, founded by Taylor Ryan, a 6x startup founder, and keynote speaker at 100+ events, is a community and accelerator program funded by NEAR Protocol, aimed at establishing a strong presence in the Nordics. The challenge was to create an accelerator as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to support startups in the Web3 space and expand NEAR Protocol’s ecosystem in the Nordics.

Disclaimer: The project was created during my time at Klint Marketing.


Design Lead

Visual Identity
NFTs & Minting

The concept
Bridging the gap

A gap was identified in NEAR Protocol’s existing DAOs. To bridge this gap, Near Nordic was created, taking inspiration from NEAR Protocol’s brand identity for visual coherence.

The core objective of Near Nordic was to create a platform that would bring startups, Web3 mentors, and investors together in a supportive community in terms of a Web3 accelerator.

The execution consisted of 3 main elements. A website for onboarding purposes, NFT’s for sustained value and a launch event to generate awareness.

One purpose fits all

We designed and developed a user-friendly website with the purpose to establish a Web3 accelerator. This required a streamlined onboarding process for startups into the accelerator program, Web3 mentors into the community and investors for funding purposes, uniting all aspects together in one place.

NN01 Edition

The NearNordic 1st Edition (NN01) consists of 250 NFTs, minted on They provided extraordinary access to the launch event in Copenhagen and was airdropped to all attendees for free. This strategy was designed to create sustained value for early adopters in the community.

Launch event
Players driving the buzz

In May 2022, Near Nordic invited Web3 enthusiast, potential investors, and key players in the startup scene to join the launch event with 3 blockchain speakers at Matrikel 1 in Copenhagen. To set the scene roll-up banners and crew apparels were designed.

The result
Following protocol

The Near Nordic initiative achieved full adoption into the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. As a result, Taylor Ryan was offered a position as DAO advisor at NEAR Protocol. Due to this success, Near Nordic is no longer active as an independent operator.


Dynamic landing page for A/B testing


First step towards a digital presence